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Annual Report - Ad-Hoc: To publish an Annual Report from the CBOC detailing the activities and progress of the Bond Program.
Audit Subcommittee - Standing Committee: To receive and review Annual Bond Performance Audit and annual Bond Financial Audit.
By-Laws Subcommittee - Ad-Hoc: To review, revise and update CBOC By-Laws.
Cost Saving Measures Subcommittee - Ad-Hoc: To review the efforts of the School District to maximize bond revenues by implementing cost saving measures.
*Data Review Subcommittee - Dissolved in September 2015* To review Dennis Clay's documents/allegations concerning Bond Expenditures and Bond Management.
Pinole Valley High School Subcommittee - Ad-Hoc: To follow the progress of the Rebuilding of Pinole Valley High School.
Site Tours - Ad-Hoc: To schedule site tours of projects in progress for the CBOC and the public.
Training - Ad-Hoc: To develop training for the CBOC in order to enhance their knowledge of the Bond Program.
Website - Ad-Hoc: To develop a user friendly website that provides the CBOC and the public with relevant Bond Program information and updates.