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CBOC Information Requests

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Date Receive by
Subject Forwarded for
Response to:
Response Responce
1) Ivette Ricco 7/14/2013 Video of Joint Mtg with Board on July 10, 2013 Bill Fay Question should be addressed to Dave Snell by requester. 7/14/2013
2) Ira Sharenow 9-6-13 to Martin Coyne 9-24-13 B. Fay's office receives copy Bond Sale Questions Martin Coyne 9-6-13 will respond by 9-11-13; 9-11-13 will respond by 9-18-13; 9-20-13 recommended file Public Records Request; 9-24-13 Bill Fay received correspondence; 9-26-13 Martin sent email to Olson to respond by Oct. 1; 10-7-13 Dr. Harter's office responded 10/7/2013
3) Ivette Ricco 10/10/2013 Questions concerning the TSS Performance audits Solveig Monson - TSS 10/11/2013 - All questions answered 10/11/2013
4) Ivette Ricco 10/28/2013 Construction Schedule for work to be done at PVHS. Bill Fay Email sent to Ms. Ricco with link to all construction schedules. 10/28/2013
5) Ivette Ricco 11/4/2013 11-6-13 Board Agenda items C10, C12 and D3 Cate Boskoff 11-5-13 11-14 email sent to Ms. Ricco with answers from Bill Fay. Recom. #5&6 be discussed further at CBOC meeting. 11/14/2013
6) CBOC - Subcommittee 12/3/2013 Copy of contract between the District & SGI Bill Fay Copy of Lease given at CBOC Mtg 12-4-13 12/4/2013 & posted 12/4/2013
7) CBOC - Subcommittee 12/3/2013 What was the cost of the lease for Marina Way and the savings on the lease? Bill Fay Copy of Lease given at CBOC Mtg 12-4-13. The lease provided 6 months of free rent, which totals $269,568. 12/4/2013 & posted 12/4/2013
8) CBOC - Subcommittee 12/3/2013 What is the District's FTE and salary for the positions funded by the Bond program? Bill Fay Copy provided at CBOC meeting 12-4-13. District website has Salary Schedules. 12/4/2013 & posted 12/4/2013
9) CBOC - Subcommittee 12/3/2013 What was the itemized cost of the move to the FOC and the budget for Seaview? Bill Fay The lease provided 6 months of free rent, which totals $269,568. Attachment provided at 12-4-13 meeting and website FAQ. 12-4-13 & posted 12/4/2013
10) Ivette Ricco 12/11/2013 When is construction starting for Coronado? Bill Fay to David Page on 12-19-13 Response will be given at 1-29-14 meeting. 1-7-14 Ready for 1-29-14 1/21/2014
11) Ivette Ricco 12/11/2013 Would like a report listing the schools currently under construction at the January 29, 2014 meeting. Bill Fay to David Page on 12-19-13 Response will be given at 1-29-14 meeting as requested. 1-7-14 Ready for 1-29-14 1/21/2014
12) Ivette Ricco 12/11/2013 Provide a status update on the Primavera System at the January 29 meeting. Bill Fay to David Page on 12-19-13 Response will be given at 1-29-14 meeting as requested. 1-15-14 Ready for 1-29-14 1/21/2014
13) Ivette Ricco 12/11/2013 Report on the results of the legal findings regarding the Brown Act and the Audit Sub-Committee at the January 29 meeting. Bill Fay to Harold Freiman on 1-14-14 Response will be given at 1-29-14 meeting as requested. 1/29/2014 1/29/2014
14) Ivette Ricco 12/12/2013 Would like a copy of each member's application, present and pending. Bill Fay to Magdy 12-12 12-13-13 Irma Gallea emailed Ms. Ricco with the applications she had on file (3). Applications have not been required of appointed members. 12/13/2013 Not posted
15) Ivette Ricco 12/20/2013 1) Why does ECHS need a $21 million stadium?
2) Why did cost rise? What type of contractors are we using?
3) Have materials, labor cost risen?
Bill Fay 1-7-14 emailed with response sent to Ivette Ricco 1/7/2014 1/7/2014
16) Ivette Ricco 1/21/2014 Please provide a copy of the present & previous SGI contract. Bill Fay 1-27-14 copy of present and previous contract emailed to Ms. Ricco 1/27/2014 1/27/2014
17) Ivette Ricco 1/9/2014 Is TSS responsible for assessing the client's compliance w/CEC 15278-15282? Requesting a copy of auditing procedures & instructions provided to surveyor staff. Bill Fay to Martin Coyne on 1-9-14. 1-21-14 emailed response to Ivette Ricco and also posted on FAQ site. 1/21/2014 1/21/2014
18) Ivette Ricco 1/21/2014 The BOE just approved a $26 mil budget increase for bond projects. Why did this happen & what sort of controls are in place to prevent this from happening again. Bill Fay 1-29-14 emailed Ms. Ricco the answer. 1/29/2014 n/a
19) Ivette Ricco 1/21/2014 I would like a copy of the DSA 13-03 including the date it was released. Bill Fay 1-21-14 Copy emailed to Ms. Ricco 1/21/2014 1/21/2014
20) Ivette Ricco 1/24/2014 I would like a copy of any memo issued by WCCUSD legal counsel reflecting the Brown Act amendment requiring the recording of votes. Bill Fay Bill Fay emailed Ms. Ricco - Will have attorney address this amendment in the opinion of the proposed bylaw revision. Emailed opinion from attorney on 1-29-14. 1/24/2014 1/29/2014
21) Ivette Ricco 1/24/2014 Would like an org. chart & job description of staff that interacts with the CBOC. Bill Fay 1-27-14 Org. chart for FOC emailed to Ms. Ricco. 1/27/2014 1/27/2014
22) Ivette Ricco 2/26/2014 How much are taxpayers in WCC now paying for School Bond Measures on their tax bills? Bill Fay-2-26 to Coyne & Olson 3-4-14 response emailed to Ms. Ricco and posted on FAQ. 3/4/2014 3/4/2014
23) Ivette Ricco 2/26/2014 What is the average tax burden including everything in Contra Costa County. Bill Fay-2-26 to Coyne & Olson 3-4-14 response emailed to Ms. Ricco and posted on FAQ. 3/4/2014 3/4/2014
24) Ivette Ricco 2/26/2014 How does the WCC tax burden for School Bond Measures compare to other districts statewide? Bill Fay - 2-26-14 forwarded to M. Coyne & D. Olson. 3-4-14 response emailed to Ms. Ricco and posted on FAQ. 3/4/2014 3/4/2014
25) Ivette Ricco 2/26/2014 Does the WCCUSD have comparative data which shows how much other districts are spending to build schools in California. Bill Fay - 2-26-14 forwarded to M. Coyne & D. Olson. 3-4-14 response emailed to Ms. Ricco and posted on FAQ. 3/4/2014 3/4/2014
26) Ivette Ricco 3/4/2014 When has the Board scheduled the joint meetings for this calendar year? 3-4-14 Bill Fay to Silvia Garfield emailed Ms. Ricco on 3-4-14. The Board has not yet scheduled joint meetings for this year. 3/4/2014 3/4/2014
27) Ivette Ricco 3/16/2014 What single WCCUSD document will give me a snapshot of every school within the district with respect to repairs/safety? 3-24-14 - Bill Fay 3-26-14 - email sent to Ms. Ricco. 3/26/2014 n/a
28) Ivette Ricco 3/20/2014 I would like to see the Primavera reporting for Jan. a& Feb. 2014 Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. 3-24-14 - Bill Fay 3-26-14 - email sent to Ms. Ricco. The concept of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet are not applicable to the school district. 3/26/2014 3/26/2014
29) Ivette Ricco 3/20/2014 Updated versions of the following documents: History of Assessed Valuation, Debt Service & Tax Rate Projections & History of Bond Authorization. 3-24-14 - Bill Fay to Marin Coyne 3-27-14 - emailed answer to Mr. Cowen & Ms. Ricco. 3/27/2014 3/27/2014
30) Ivette Ricco 4/25/2014 What money was spent per school project & the Measures which support the funds for Jan. & Feb 2014. 4-28-14 to Bill Fay to Martin Coyne. 4-29-14 emailed Ms. Ricco with the requested documents. 4/29/2014 4/29/2014
31) Ivette Ricco 4/30/2014 Process for selecting contractors, etc.. How is process managed? 4-30-14to Bill Fay-5-5-14 to Cate B. 5-5-14 emailed Ms. Ricco requesting time on the 5-21 agenda for a presentation answering request. 5-6-14 Ms. Ricco responded affirmative. 5/5/2014 N/A
32) Ivette Ricco 5/13/2014 Report on local hiring & monthly financial expense reports for March & April. Bill Fay and Magdy Abdalla 5-14-14 Magdy emailed Ms. Ricco - Consultant for local hire will be at 5-21 meeting for presentation. Engineering reports are posted on CBOC website. 5/14/2014 N/A
33) Ivette Ricco 5/22/2014 Provide copy of March & April expense report. Bill Fay to Marin Coyne on 5-23-14. Emailed Ms. Ricco on 5-23-14 documents requested. 5/23/2014 5/23/2014
34) Ivette Ricco 5/23/2014 Copy of presentations & handouts at 5-21-14 CBOC meeting. Bill Fay to Christina Gallea 5-23-14. Christina Gallea emailed presentations and handouts on 5-23-14. 5/23/2014 5/23/2014
35) Tim Warner 6/10/2014 Status of bonds-total, sold, reserve, taxpayer's liability per $100K, AV waiver rate. List of schools completed, in progress, planning only, budget , actual exp., completion date or estimate. Bill Fay to Keith & Martin on 6-10-14. Status of Bonds report emailed to Tim Warner on 6-16-14 & provided by M. Coyne at 6-18-14 meeting. 6/16/2014 6/16/2014
36)Tashia Flucas 6/19/2014 Would like to review change order details/supporting documents from last night's CBOC meeting-6-18-14. Magdy A. 6-19-14 7-7-14-Communicated to Ms. Ricco that a summary will be provide at next CBOC mtg. on 7-30-14. Ms. Ricco responded on 7-15 stating that she had spoken with Tashia and both agreed that a summary at the 7-30 meeting would be acceptable. 7/7/2014 n/a
37)Bill Kelly 6/25/2014 Would like to inspect the files relating to PVHS starting with the RFP, the contracts/agreements and any change orders. Requested to have the items available on either July 2nd or 3rd Magdy A. 6-25-14 7-1 Communicated w/Bill Kelly & set meeting for reviewing requested documents. Meeting was held on 7-23. Mr. Kelly will call to set up second meeting to continue reviewing the documents. 8-5 mtg. set for 8-23. 7/1/2014 & 7-23-14 Requested on 8-21-14 cancelation of any future meeting regarding this request. Request canceled by requester.
38)Ivette Ricco 6/25/2014 Please provide the total amount invoiced for services by SGI for the period of 1/2014-5/2014. Bruce Harter 7-11-14 Dr. Harter met with Ms. Ricco and provided the SGI check information. 7/14/2014
39)Ivette Ricco 6/25/2014 Fees per hour on Exhibit D show 44 consultants working on a time & material basis. You indicate there will be 20 consultants/sub-consultants for the 6 month period at a cost of $2.2 mil. Please identify the 20 Consultants, their hourly fee & the work they will be performing. Bruce Harter 7-11-14 Dr. Harter met with Ms. Ricco and submitted the requested documents. SGI consultants are: Amanco Inc., Silva Cost consultants "estimating", Mercurial consulting "estimating", and Miller & Associates. 7/11/2014 7/14/2014
40) Ivette Ricco 6/25/2014 The Agreement, under Article 9 of the Agreement, Termination of the Agreement. Have there been any changes, amendments or revisions made to the terms of the termination under the Agreement. If so, when & why? Bruce Harter No changes have been made to the agreement since it was approved by the Board of Education on September 11, 2013. 7/11/2014 7/14/2014
41)Ivette Ricco 6/25/2014 Is the Primavera System the proprietary property of the District. Bruce Harter The Primavera software package is owned by WCCUSD. Primavera Systems is the brand name under which a range of software packages that collectively form a comprehensive enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) solution are marketed. Primavera was launched in 1983 by Primavera Systems Inc. & was acquired by Oracle Corp. in 2008. Primavera software includes project management, collaboration & control capabilities. 7/11/2014 7/14/2014
42)Ivette Ricco 8/15/2014 How can the District add $14,888,526 to the budget for the Nystrom project with the statement, "Current construction estimates exceeds approved project budget. Expenditures may require adjustments at a future time?" Bruce Harter & Magdy Abdalla Since 2008, Nystrom's project budget (estimated cost to complete) has been ~$33.6 million. In 2010-12 the multipurpose building was constructed for ~$5.5 million. In 2012 the temporary campus was constructed for ~$2 million. In 2013 the abatement and selective demolition work was done for ~$750,000. Total hard costs for the site through 2013 are ~$8.25 million. Project costs, which include specialty consultants, master architect, AOR, CM, IOR, Testing & Inspection, interim housing lease costs, security services, etc. are currently ~$15.5 million. The remaining project budget is, therefore, ~$17.3 million. For the Modernization project, the lowest responsive responsible bid received on 7-15-14 was $21.5 million. The sh ortfall is ~$4.2 million. With a modifier of 1.3 & a contingency of 5% for change orders, the project budget for the modernization phase would be ~$29 million. 8/26/2014 8/21/2014
43)Ivette Ricco 8/19/2014 Why is WCCUSD paying for paving at the Pinole Library & the church on PVR across from the high school, and pay for renovates to the baseball field at Fernandez Park in Pinole. Bruce Harter & Magdy Abdalla These are all costs related to both the temporary campus & the permanent improvements for the new school. The temporary campus sits on what used to be the baseball field. We provided the funds of $90,000 to convert a softball field at Pinole Park & to upgrade the Fernandez Park field. The improvement at the CCC library on PVR are about the creating an entrance for the permanent campus which when the new campus opens that will include a traffic signal. This was a safety requirement. When construction begins on the new campus there won't be any parking for staff, so we contracted with the church across the street to upgrade its parking lot at a cost of $833,833 for staff parking for the next 4 years. All these are legitimate bond expenses. 8/26/2014 8/21/2014
44)Ivette Ricco Harding Elementary School renovations and repairs completed prior to the 2007 school year & approval of $918,600 of Bond funds in May 2014 to make repairs. Bruce Harter & Magdy Abdalla Pasadena-based architectural firm, Charles T. Bryant and Associates, designed the addition and building alteration for Harding ES. The scope included accessibility modification, addition of two classrooms and an elevator, adding a new one story classroom building that included a 10 classroom and a media center. The scope also included the addition of a multipurpose, food service building, as well as site work. The project completion was delayed by, among other things, required clarifications, changes and revisions for errors and omissions in the project designs, contract drawings and specifications provided by the firm. The architecture firm was sued, "WCCUSD v. Charles T. Bryant and Associates, Case No. MSC06-02297 filed on November 8, 2006 at the Contra Costa County Superior Court. The firm agreed to pay WCCUSD $550,000 to settle a civil breach of contract and negligent in handling design plans for Harding Elementary School in El Cerrito. 10/8/2014
45)Ivette Ricco 11/11/2014 How does the school district provide Directors & Officers liability insurance to Board members & staff connected with the planning, issuance, management, and expenditure of WCCUSD bonds authorizations within the purview of the CBOC. What are the terms and conditions of this insurance. 11-12-14 emailed Cate Boskoff. Forwarded to Sheri Gamba. The District does not carry a Directors & Officers Liability policy. The District is a member of Nor Cal Relief, a Joint Powers Agency (JPA) of school & community college districts providing coverage through an insurance pool. The JPA issues a memorandum of coverage (MOC) which is the JPA version of an insurance policy. The MOC on page 11 Article IV-Exclusions: A. Under C overage A-Liability, the Memorandum of Coverage does not apply to & no coverage is provided for: 11. Any loss, cost, viel fine or penalty, or espense against or incurred by any Covered Party arising from any complaint investigatio, enforcement acion, regulatory or administrative proceeding by any federal, state, local or other governmental regulatory agency. 11-14-14 Sheri Gamba emailed Ivette Ricco. 11/14/2014
46)Ivette Ricco 11/12/2014 A member of the public was asked to fill out a Records Request form before access to CBOC records was given. Are CBOC records available to the public and if so what is the procedure for requesting access? 11-12-14-Lisa emailed Ivette asking for specifics types of records being requested. CBOC records are available for public review, but are not necessarily stored in one place. In order to be able to gather the proper records we need specifics written down on an e-mail, fax or US mail. Requester will be notified when records are ready or posted on the CBOC website. 11-12-14 & 11-14-14 11/14/2014
47)Ivette Ricco 11/12/2014 a. A copy of add-on service contracts or agreements for all vendors and consultants. 11-12-14-Lisa LeBlanc 12-5-14-email requesting clarification sent to Ms. Ricco by Lisa. 12-9-14 - Ms. Ricco responded that the Asset Management Sub-committee will address this clairification at the 12-10 meeting. 12-10, the Asset Mgnt. Subcommittee will reevaluate and get back to Lisa. Pending new instructions.
b. A copy of existing contracts or agreements with SGI including a copy of any and all revisions or changes to the current contracts or agreement with SGI. 12-2-14 copies picked up by Ivette Ricco at the FOC 12/2/2014 N/A
c. A copy of all add-on services for WLC Architects including a copy of all existing contracts, revisions and or changes to their contract. 12-2-14 copies picked up by Ivette Ricco at the FOC 12/2/2014 N/A
d. A copy of all agreements & contracts with consultants. 12-5-14-email requesting clarification sent to Ms. Ricco by Lisa. 12-9-14 Ms. Ricco recommended Lisa address this clarification at the 12-10 meeting. 12-10, the Asset Mgnt. Subcommittee will get back to Lisa after reevaluation. Pending new instructions.
e. A copy of any & all agreements for the joint use of District facilities by Vendors. 12-5-14-email requesting clarification sent to Ms. Ricco by Lisa. 12-10-14 - Lisa presented all documents to Ms. Ricco at 12-10-14 meeting. 12/10/2014 N/A
48)Ivette Ricco 11/12/2014 Full report on Deferred Maintenance costs, plans and proposals for 2014. 11-12-14 - Lisa LeBlanc 12-5-14 Lisa emailed Ms. Ricco explaining that during the economic recession the State no longer required a Deferred Maintenance Plan and a local deferred maintenance plan has not yet been developed. 12/5/2014 12/9/2014
49)Civil Grand Jury 12/9/2014 Copies of the last 3 annual CBOC reports and the last Performance Audit Report. 12-9-14 -Lisa LeBlanc Letter with attachments mailed. 12/19/2014 N/A
50)Ivette Ricco 1/31/2015 A copy of the Program Cashflow December 2013. A copy of SGI Master Plan dated 10-4-11. 1-31-15-Lisa LeBlanc. 2-3-15-Juan Garrahan. 2-2-15-Lisa LeBlanc emailed Ms. Ricco the Program Cashflow December 2013. 2-2-15 partial response. 2-10-15 emailed Ms. Ricco SGI MP-dated 10-4-11. Request complete. N/A
51)Anton Jungherr(1) 3/2/2015 A copy of the Profermance Audit video that was presented at the February CBOC meeting and is posted on the CBOC website. 3-3-15-M. Bonnett. 3-3-15 gave video to Winson to copy. 3-3-15-emailed Mr. Jungherr asking how he would prefer to have the video delivered. 3-4-15 Mr. Jungherr responded that he would pick up video when he is in the area. 3-12-15-Mr. Jungherr picked up at the FOC. N/A
52)Anton Jungherr(2) 3/4/2015 Copy of the IRS report as reported on the 2-27-15 Friday Memo by S. Gamba. 3-4-15-emailed to S. Gamba's office for copy of document. 3-4-15 S. Gamba's office forwarded to Operations Dept. the IRS letter referred to on the 2-27-15 Friday Memo. 3-10-15-emailed Mr. Jungherr with document. 3/10/2015
53) Ivette Ricco - Jungherr (3) 3/13/2005 Copies of the checks & backup documentations for the 3 payments to the City of El Cerrito per MOU between WCCUSD & city of El Cerrito. 3-13-15 to M. Bonnett. 3-13-15-emailed Ms. Ricco that no checks have been issued to the City of El Cerrito as of today. 3/13/2015 3/13/2015
54) Ivette Ricco - Jungherr (5) 3/23/2015 What is the termination date of the SGI October 1, 2013 agreement with the District? 3-23-15-Lisa LeBlanc The October 1, 2013 contract does not have specific language regarding the termination date.  However, the District is guided by the Education Code which provides the authority that contracts for services to be performed cannot exceed five years. 4/2/2015 4/2/2015
55) Ivette Ricco - Jungherr (4) 3/23/2015 25 assorted questions dealing with SGI Contracts & Performance Audit Agreement. 3-23-15- sent to assorted personnel. 4-16-15-Flash Drive with requested documents was picked up by Ivette Ricco. 4/16/2015 5/5/2015
56) Ivette Ricco - Jungherr (8) 5/18/2015 A copy of Adam Ferber's Agreement with WCCUSD to provide legal services, copy of PO thru 6-30-15, & FY2016 Budget request for A. Ferber's legal services to the CBOC. 5-18-15-sent to M. Bonnett, D. Cifelli, L. Freese . 5-29-15 copy emailed to I. Ricco. There was no budget request for Mr. Ferber's contract. 5/29/2015 5/29/2015
57) Ivette Ricco - Jungherr (9) 5/18/2015 Copy of WCCUSD Master Program Schedule-current verison. 5-18-15-sent to M. Bonnett, D. Cifelli, L. Freese. 5-29-15 emailed copy to I. Ricco. 5/29/2015 5/29/2015
58) Ivette Ricco - Jungherr (10) 5/18/2015 Copy of Adam Ferber's invoices for legal services to the CBOC for March and April 2015. 5-18-15-sent to M. Bonnett, D. Cifelli, L. Freese. 5-29-15 emailed copy to I. Ricco. 5/29/2015 5/29/2015
59)Ivette Ricco/ Peter Chau 5/27/2015 Written documentation, notification/communication relating to IRS audit. 5-28-15 M. Bonnett given request. 5-29-15 Documentation emailed to I. Ricco. 5/29/2015 5/29/2015
60)Ivette Ricco/ Peter Chau 5/27/2015 5 SGI invoices dated 4-2-15 (check dated 4-8-15). 5-28-15 M. Bonnett given request. 6-1-15 emailed copies of invoices to I. Ricco. 6/1/2015 6/1/2015
61)Ivette Ricco 6/15/2015 Copy of agreement with Harris Construction Company to prepare the PVHS cost estimate. 6-15-15-L. Freese. 7-6-15-emailed I. Ricco a copy of the agreement with Harris Construction Company. 7/6/2015 7/6/2015
62)Ivette Ricco 7/1/2015 Christy White Assoc.-copy of RFP. Copy of all proposals received. Copy of White agreement. Copy of evaluations for all proposals and back up docs. 7-2-15-forwarded to M. Bonnett. 7-8-15 emailed documents to I. Ricco and also picked up by Anton Jungherr. 7/8/2015 7/9/2015
63)Ivette Ricco 7/19/2015 Building Fund 1015-16 Adopted Budget, Schedule 3- provide detail for the 5 expenditure line items under Building Column Revenues and Other Revenues. 7-19-15 forwarded to M. Bonnett. 7-21-15 documents emailed to I. Ricco. 7/21/2015 7/21/2015
64)Ivette Ricco 7/19/2015 Copies of Continuing Contract Services that appeared on the Board agenda of June 24. 7-19-15 forwarded to M. Bonnett. 7-21-15 emailed documents to I. Ricco 7/21/2015 7/21/2015
65)Ivette Ricco 7/19/2015 Copy of Audit Subcommittee meeting's minutes and audio tape for August 18, 2014. 7-19-15 forwarded to M. Bonnett. 7-24-15- emailed I. Ricco- there are no approved minutes or audio tape for the meeting of August 18, 2014. 7/24/2015 7/24/2015
66)Ivette Ricco 7/19/2015 Copy of Audit Subcommittee minutes and audio tapes for September 11, 2014 & October 16, 2014 7-19-15 forwarded to M. Bonnett. 7-24-15 emailed I. Ricco-the District has no approved minutes for September 11, 2014 or the October 16, 2014 Audit Subcommittee's meetings. There is no audio tape for the October 16, 2014 meeting. The audio tape for the September 11, 2014 meeting will be mailed or may be picked up at the FOC. Waiting for direction. (picked up by A. Jungherr on 8-6-15.) 7/24/2015 7/28/2015
67)Ivette Ricco 8/13/2015 Re: VTD Performnace Audit-6-30-14-date & attendees for audit entrance conference. Date and attendees for audit exit conference. 8-17-15 forwarded to M. Bonnett. 8-25-15 emailed I. Ricco with the date and names of attendees to the entrance conference. 11-25-14 entrance audit conference attended by: Sheri Gamba, Lisa LeBlanc, Orlandus Waters & Xiupin Guillaume. We have no record of the exit conference having taken place yet. 8/25/2015 8/25/2015
68)Ivette Ricco 7/28/2015 VDT selection. Emails, letters, memos, telephone logs & all other communication between S. Gamba & VTD between March 2014 to April 2015 in regards to the selection of VTD as the Performance Auditor. 7-28-15 forwarded to M. Bonnett. 9-8-15 emailed to I. Ricco. This information does not exit. Sheri Gamba was not involved with the selection. 9/8/2015 9/8/2015
69)Ivette Ricco 11/8/2015 Agenda packet for Board of Ed. Resolution 15-0910. Request for proposal for Bond underwriters issued in 2009. Staff report on selection of Bond underwriter in 2009. Interview notes for selection of Bond underwriter in 2009. Membership of interview committee for above. All communications from Morgan Stanley in regards to the selection of the Bond underwriter in 2009. 11-9-15 forwarded to M. Bonnett. 11-13-15 emailed M. Walton's the documents to forward to I. Ricco that satisfies this request. 11-19-15 - M. Walton emailed Ms. Ricco the documents requested. 11/23/2015
70)Ivette Ricco 12/9/2015 Copy of how many millions of Bond dollars are being spent on these investigations and audits. 12-9-15 M. Bonnett. 12-15-15 L. LeBlanc emailed I. Ricco the answer. 12/15/2015 12/15/2015
71)Ivette Ricco 01/19/2016 Copy of invoices and supporting documents for check payment #13227, 132065, 132098, 131903. 1/19/2016 forwarded to M. Payne. 2-2-16 emailed Ms. Ricco asking for direction of where to mail CD with documents or if she preferred to pick it up. 2-5-16 mailed CD to I. Ricco as per her direction. 2/2/2016 2/9/2016
72)Ivette Ricco 2/2/2016 When will the changes that the CBOC voted to recommend to the BOE concerning the BOE subcommitte's links on the WCCUSD website be made. 2-2-16 Lisa LeBlanc forwarded to M. Walton for response. 2-2-16 The message was conveyed to M. Walton. 2-10-16 M. Walton emailed response to I. Ricco. 2/10/2016 2/10/2016
73)Anton Jungherr 3/26/2016 Copy of CHPS Standards 2007. 3-28-16 sent to Michael Terry for copy. 3-29-16 emailed Anton Jungherr the documents requested. 3/29/2016 3/29/2016
74)Anton Jungherr 3/25/2016 Copy of chart "Public School Construction Requirements" as presented by WLC and the 4 schools that WLC prepared report at the 3-23-16 mtg. 3-29-16 Luis Freese to WLC 4-7-16 transmitted link to A. Jungherr which contained documents requested. 4/07/2016 4/07/2016
75)Tom Panas 4/14/2016 Primavera-Detailed capital costs by schools from 1995 to date. 4-14-16 to Lisa LeBlanc. 5-2-16 to M. Bonnett. 5-18-16 M. Bonnett informed T. Panas that the records would be available in approximately 2 weeks. 7-14-16 M. Bonnett sent T. Panas part of request.
76)Tom Panas 5/6/2016 Copy of PVHS contract-Lathrop & Roebbelen. 5-6-16 L. LeBlanc 5-17-16 emailed Lathrop's contract to T. Panas. 5-18-16 emailed T. Panas copy of Roebbelen's contract. 5/18/2016 5/18/2016
77)Tom Panas 5/6/2016 List of all Lathrop contracts and change orders. 5-6-16 L. LeBlanc 5-10-16 L. LeBlanc emailed T. Panas the information requested. 5/10/2016 n/a
78)Anton Jungherr 5/20/2016 Copy of Adam Ferber's agreement. 5-20-16 to L. LeBlanc 6-6-16 emailed copy of contract to A. Jungherr. 6/6/2016 n/a
79)Anton Jungherr 6/16/2016 Provide the detail for each object code in the proposed building fund 2016-17 budget. 7-14-16 additional information requested 7-22-16 documents received were not the correct ones. 6-16-16 L. LeBlanc to M. Bonnett. 7-14-16 to M. Bonnett. 7-13-16 emailed information to A. Jungherr. 7-18-16 emailed A. Jungherr requested documents. 7-25-16 M. Bonnett responded to A. Jungherr with directions on how to read documents already submitted. 7/13/2016 & 7-18-16
80)Anton Jungherr 7/23/2016 View only access to Munis 7-25-16 L. LeBlanc
81)Anton Jungherr 7/23/2016 Copy of updates to the Munis training manuel 2014-15. 7-25-16 L. LeBlanc
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